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2002-06-03 - 10:30 a.m.

The Gossip were awesome at the Empty Bottle. Beth is maybe the sexiest lead singer ever. You should really really really try to see them. Super sexy & great politics. Plus kickass songs.

The Xena play was also really great. I realized seeing plays makes me nervous, though. I hardly ever do because I really prefer films, & of course I'm terrified of being interacted with. Generally, in life. But it seemed like a big scripted thing & ok so we sat in the front. Um---you know I was the only person in the audience who was interacted with. Singled out & spoken to. It was no big but it could've been BAD. Like if the pig character had spoken to me, I would have screamed. Anyway, I've been convinced to go to the Neo-Futurarium Wednesday for another play. My friend promises we'll sit in the way back & they won't come & get me. Dude ---- PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO HAVE EVERYONE IN THE ROOM LOOK AT THEM ARE FREAKS. Engage in your own sick business, but don't drag me into it.

I went to Milwauk for the weekend with the ladies. Super fun. Our hotel was built in 1929 & had a pretty sign. We spent lots of time at the art museum (I visited my favorite lady with kitty that Syd & I both love), we got custard at Leon's (a lovely sitting on the car hood wearing halter tops scene), we went to the casino (I'd never been, I came out $10 ahead & there was a slot machine with Kenny Rogers on it), we saw the Waco Brothers play (Jon was lying on the ground throwing grass on himself in the middle of a song), & we had a great time partying in the room (we all like the idea of learning canasta, except it reminds Erin of Shasta McNasty).

We also went to the Milwaukee Public Museum where there was a butterfly garden. Erin was nervous to go in because they might land on us. We assured here that they were BUTTERFLIES - not such a big deal if they land on you. We went in & it was nice, a lot of them around. Then Erin was like "I don't like it" & started moving toward the exit. The biggest butterfly there chose that moment to plunge from the ceiling & divebomb her face. It was so terrible. It was like as big as my hand, & it rested right below her eye. She was frozen in horror. The 3 of us circled her, unable to do anything. I crept up & blew on it, which only made the entire thing flatten across her face. UGH! Finally, she pried it off with one finger & we got it the hell out. She said it hurt (Andrew: "Her feelings?").

Ok, besides that killer b.f., everything was super cool & I would totally go back to Milwaukee because we still didn't duck pin bowl.

Oh, also we went to Apple Holler which you can go to dirtynerdluv & see all about it.

My friends were in town to play at the Old Town School's Voices of the New Black Millennium series. That was cool.

Besides all that, there's been a lot of werewolf talk in my life, & a lot of stuff about people growing tails. I don't want anything to do with a werewolf, but I think I'd rather suffer a wolf attack than grow a tail.

Last thing - I saw "Ali" yesterday & it was sickmaking that Mario Van Peebles played Malcolm. After what he did to the Panthers with that awful movie he made? Fucking LOSER. He needs to just stop.

*perv* *next*

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