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2002-05-06 - 11:55 a.m.

Yesterday I said how at the end of the Roth/Hagar individual sets, they are going to have to come out & do at least one duet with their arms around each other. Sydney suggested "Best of Both Worlds". I hate her.

Then I said how it would rule to get Roth & Hagar tattooed on each shoulderblade. She was like why not on your tits. Ugh! We decided the hair had to be super big (duh), so you could wear a push-up bra & just have 2 big identifiable mounds of hair visible. AWESOME.

I totally didn't write about the Nick Cave show, huh. Um..it ruled? It was weird to be far away from him & sitting down, but otherwise totally awesome. I wish he'd climbed over people's heads until he got to me & then sang Deanna as "oh...Peamma..." but he probably didn't even think of it.

I can't believe this season of "Insomniac" is over. At least there are some from the beginning that I didn't see. Can I proclaim Insomniac the new Sex & the City? I don't know why, it just sounds really good to say. It should definitely start drink trends. Yum - one Attelltini coming right up!

*perv* *next*

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