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2002-04-25 - 12:16 p.m.

Wet Hot American Summer - Ken Marino's hair was perfect. Am I remembering his last name wrong? I think that's it. Also the opening few shots were completely beautiful. But I wanted Kerri Kenney!!!

Blonde Venus - Loved. I'm going to try out speaking like her. Mostly just to Nick & Lloyd though.

Jesus' Son - I was super excited to see this again. I loved it so much in the theater. & it was really great, until the DVD just fucking skipped a half hour. Anyway, you should rent it if you have not. I don't know why I haven't read the book yet, I'd really like to.

My Best Fiend - I think most people who read Andrew's & my page are pretty clear on how I feel about this movie.

In the Mood for Love - Still really lovely, but nothing like the experience I had of seeing it in the theater. God, it was so amazing. It should always be playing somewhere in every town.

Maryam - I liked a lot. It wasn't super duper complex (sorry to be so academic), but I liked the woman who played Maryam. And there were some scenes that were really painful, like the first hardware store one. For some reason I just couldn't stand that. I don't know, I might like it more or less if I think about it more. The campus activism could've been more real.

Ok, I am really mad all over again about the whole marriage thing. This was brought on by a Will & Grace ep, maybe you saw it, where Grace starts planning a wedding & starts to think it's hers & ends up staring at herself in the mirror wearing the bride's dress & having a big emotional crisis about how it may never happen for her. I should stop watching this show, but I don't feel like I can because Megan Mullally is so sexy. All I could think when I was watching it was that if there was anything truly desirable or healthy about marriage for women, EVERYTHING I WATCH WOULDN'T BE A PROPAGANDA PIECE TRYING TO CONSTRUCT THIS DESIRE FOR ME. Oh, my god. It is making me crazy. Maybe I should be targeting this at Will & Grace, but I noticed a bunch of other similar stuff on TV this past week. It feels like an assault. I go for a while thinking I don't care what other people decide to do, but then I see this shit & think - is anyone else offended? Can we be critical of this? Can we say fuck this, I'm making a different path? Ok, I guess I can & I'm the only person I have control over. Oh, & Andrew.

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