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2002-04-18 - 9:58 a.m.

Did you watch Leno last night? Did you see Nick Cave's face break open as Dame Edna descended upon him? I guess all he's ever wanted was a hug & no one ever thought to offer.

Has anyone tried The Chaser? It's that ad with 2 people in the morning kitchen, the man cranking about his hangover & the woman feeling fine. He's like "You drank as much as me!" & she's all "More, pussy." She doesn't say that. She says he should've taken The Chaser. You could charge me so much $ for something that would make me not have a hangover. It would really change my life, if I could get totally wasted regardless of next-morning plans. There'd be not much reason to not get wasted, right? Just financial. I am so trying The Chaser. I'll let you know.

I keep seeing that thing on MTV about Boreanaz sinking his teeth into an hour of TV or some shit. & they show this super brief footage of him & you can just tell he's doing something so embarassing & annoying, like that fucking nightmare of a Deniro impression he is constantly carrying like a purse. It made me think of the Buffy ep "The Wish", & how Angel's fate in that is really what the writers wanted to do to Boreanaz. He should be shirtless & chained to be ridden whenever you want, but when he opens his fucking mouth you really just want to burn him. I bet Alyson loved doing that scene.

I guess you want me to say something about Andrew W.K. on SNL. I won't fight you for him. All yours. You are one lucky fucky. I bet the hair is like one thousand creme-rinsed whips.

*perv* *next*

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