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2002-04-15 - 5:34 p.m.

I just got home from shopping. Bigtime tax refund shopping, mostly at Reckless Records & some at Chicago Comics. Ruleage ruleage RULEAGE.

I like my hair now, it's short & pink & cute. I am getting a raise at work starting this week. The weather is nice & I found my old sunglasses just in time. Andrew found them, actually. So everything seems super great right now.

Friday night I went drinking with work friends. Great ladies who I look forward to drinking with all summer. Saturday, I worked & then laid on the couch talking to Nina. I have to get her to write up her Springer visit for my diary. She said "I know he's not a huge celebrity, but...there's such a thing as being TOO accessible." She said everyone had to shake his hand & meet him a ton of times, & to leave the place you had to go by him & shake his hand one last time. God!

Yesterday I laid on Andrew's couch & got high & watched TV & movies. "Bully". No. Larry Clark, knock it off. With the moviemaking. Just don't do it anymore. Actually, I guess it's fine for him to make movies, I just shouldn't watch them because I know I won't like it. It's not like he's super gross like Ron Howard. I asked Andrew if he had any chocolate chip cooks & he said no but then he went out & got some! And he even went to a second store because the first one only had Sucks Ahoy! My whole day was really fun. & his bookcases look cool. & the only thing that could've made it perfecter was 2 bald baby kittens, one for each of our laps. Luckily someone has a birthday coming up.

Per Andrew, TARDS R NARCS.

TRN. For your own safety, never forget it.

*perv* *next*

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