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2002-04-08 - 8:16 p.m.

I got my hair cut from this guy, & i don't really like it. Maybe I will like it tomorrow. I bought manic panic to make myself feel better. He had a perfect touchable mohawk, like John Cameron Mitchell. I am telling you, that is the hair right now for men to have. I am so in favor. Go get it. Your hair is grown out from when I convinced you to go get Angel hair, so you can go ahead & get it chopped into this hair.

Um, these are some thoughts on some friends of mine:

Tracy Morgan shouldn't wear a red turtleneck when interviewed by Co. Why? Of all things? Bright red. Did he have hickeys? Why do people wear turtlenecks? He would look so good in...I don't know. Not a turtneck. What else...I can't remember stuff he talked about.

Jennifer Tilly was a little bit out of her mind on Kilborn, but I completely defend her because she can do no wrong by me. She kept mentioning needing to lose weight, & how she's getting older. This makes me sad because of course she is super sexy no one sexier & I hate that she or any woman has bullshit insecurities like that, but I love that it bodes well for her being super bitter & inappropriately sexy on talk shows when she does get to be old. She is so perfect & pretty & perfect & pretty.

Ok, Balthazar Getty. Also on Kilb. He was something else. He happens to have the letters BZAR tattooed on his knuckles. Did you know that & not tell me? He said "My advice is not to get bzar tattooed on your knuckles if you want to get into showbiz." At a couple points in the interview he seemed to kind of marvel at his own retardation, & then just say "yeah" like "I hate myself".

Ok, I'm super baked. I came home & complained about my hair & Sydney is watching Degrassi the new stuff or whatever it's called. Degrassi: New Meat.

I only stayed for a couple of Holly Golightly's songs. I liked the first 2 bands. Chris & James & Sydney were there too. Along with it seemed like FIVE THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE. It made me crazy.

Blank Generations - There is no reason to see this unless you love Richard Hell's beestung lips & angry bedhead.

Stella Does Tricks - My work friend recommended this b/c she loves A.L. Kennedy, who wrote the screenplay & co-wrote a song for it w/PJ Harvey. It starred Kelly McDonald & I liked it a lot.

Y Tu Mama Tambien - There is no reason to see this unless you like seeing sexy people naked & doing it. Plus it is funny.

So, I guess I'm going to go look in the mirror for a while more at my hair & try to decide what I think. What if I took in a picture of Eddie Van Halen & asked for his hair?

Ok coupon time with Sydney.

*perv* *next*

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