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2002-04-01 - 6:22 p.m.

You wouldn't believe me if I went all into it. The stupid family Easter I had. I will say that my cousin who is a year older than I am, I would sincerely guess her boyfriend is 71. Her brother met the boyfriend before I did, & I asked him to come up with a celeb to give me a visual. He said Paulie Walnuts, & that was such an excellent pick. Very Paulie Walnuts he was, with some Big Pussy around the eyes.

When I got home from the hell that was Easter brunch, I totally needed to do something fun. I rented 4 movies from my lovely new video store.

Bjork Live in Cambridge - So beautiful. I wonder if my hair could be that shape if I grew it out. It's long but big & full with spikeish layers.

Jackpot - I liked it a lot. Kind of uneven, but I was really interested in it the whole way through. I'm happy Garrett Morris got to play a good part, I hadn't seen him since "Martin". The sex scenes were interesting to me. Poor cowboy.

Kitten With a Whip - What color do you think Ann Margret's nightgown was in the beginning? I'm so curious. That crazytalk dude she was friends with was your boyfriend, to the max.

Requiem for a Dream - Ugh. Who would own the DVD of this? It's like hell. I'd rather have a family dinner. Ha ha just kidding. I'd totally rather watch this again, director's cut. Jared Leto had good hair throughout. Jimmy Fallon should watch it.

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