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2002-03-25 - 11:09 a.m.

Independent Spirit Awards were not as exciting as the last few years. I know we can't expect to see an Ally Sheedy breakdown every single year, but it really was dull, besides John Waters' 2 brilliant monologues. I see the problems as being twofold: no awards for Hedwig, and only one brief close-up of Jennifer Tilly! Oh my GOD! She was good enough to host & was so fucking funny at it, & you can't even have her present this year? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS EVEN WEARING. That in particular makes me sick.

Friday night at Exit, I asked a man who he'd do from Grease. He answered "Fuckin nobody, man. Give me that crippled chick from the Marilyn Manson video, I'll fuck the shit outta her!" This brings up an important question. How the fuck did I end up at Exit Friday night??? Well, I went to see the Detroit Cobras at the Empty Bottle, ran into an old friend, & was bullied into going there. If you tell me you're going to drive me home & buy all my drinks, I consider that bullying. You know I'm not going to say no, even though I have to work in the morn. I got home after 3 & was super tired & hung the next day, & it was totally fun & worth it.

Saturday night, as you can read in Ida-Red's diary, Merritt & Chris came over & we watched all the Osbournes so far. My favorite part was when Ozzy was having the lack of pressure in the shower explained to him as a conservation measure in California, & that they could take the thing out of the showerhead as soon as the workmen leave the house. Ozzy said "No Sharon, we won't. We won't break the law." Merritt said "We will bark at the moon, we will not break the law." Ha ha ha. I was super stoned & it was awesome.

Please please please let me get what I want - which is for you to email Ida-Red & ask her about her favorite kind of hot smoothie in cold weather.

Memento was just a movie people made to prove that they are better than me. I do not need that.

*perv* *next*

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