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2002-03-15 - 9:44 a.m.

Last night I had to work the Andrea Dworkin event. She was really smart & said a lot of good stuff, but of course had no balance at all about the porn/prostitution stuff, & made me really mad when a woman asked about S/M. She said "It doesn't matter what I think. If you think that's an honest, feminist way to live your life, then go ahead. Hit your best friend. Hit her." Went on some more about that, it not being feminist. Ugh! Could you just get out a hammer & nails & stand there building closets? Everyone who gets wet by non-vanilla sex should what, try to de-program themselves into having "feminist sex"? What the fuck is that? And then when it doesn't work to deprogram yourself & you really just want the sex you want, just shut up & be ashamed. Sounds familiar. I hate hate hate sexual minorities being picked on. I especially hearing someone doing it into a microphone, & 150 people around me clapping intensely. It's chilling.

Did you read Debbie Harry's interview with Julian Casablancas in the Interview magazine, the one with Thora Birch on it? So, they pretty much did it right after, right? Did it did it did it did it did it. No Albert, you can't watch. I love her explanation for Lou Reed always giving people the look of death - the muscles in his face are just really relaxed, that's all. That is awesome.

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