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2002-03-14 - 10:47 a.m.

Lookee here, I'm packin' the rattle again.

Snackin' on fiddle faddle again.

Hackin' the cattle a-geh-heh-hen.

Ok, I've told some people this individually but I have to officially announce how fucking awesome is "Reading The Slayer", the book of critical essays about Buffy/Angel. It's the funnest reading. I wish it didn't have to end. & the best part is when people buy it at work, I can strike up a conv about Buffy. But then they say something that is wrong, like a lady who said Riley is what Buffy needs right now, & I realize I & a few friends are the only ones who really UNDERSTAND. & I shouldn't try to talk Buffy with just anyone. But anyway, the book is good & who the fuck needs Emmys when you have books of critical essays being written about your show.

Someone at work hooked me up with being a judge for the Lambda Literary Awards. Apparently I'm not supposed to publicize this fact, in case you try to blow me to get your book voted for. But I already voted, so you'd blow for naught. I did the humor category, & guess what's not funny. Really conventional humor books. But there were a couple awesome, funny things that were clearly of greater literary value than the others. What if I get invited to the awards & they sit me next to Dorothy Allison? Oh, did you know her book "Trash" is out of print? I tried to order it for our employee recommendations table. Gone. Treasure your copy, don't lend it out. Hunt for one if you don't have one. It is fucking beautiful.

Andrew is getting a hairless kitten! A hairless BALD kitten.

*perv* *next*

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