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2002-02-21 - 10:27 a.m.

Ok, I am back. Thanks to James, & also to Chris. I think I shall send some presents to James from my work - who do you think he prefers, Pat Califia or Andrea Dworkin? Germaine? Gloria? Simone? Carol Queen or Susie Bright?

It is nice to have friends who fix stuff for you & don't make you feel like an ass about it, like I know would happen if I went to an actual Place to get stuff fixed. And then they hand-deliver it to your home. Super nice.

Ok, so Ozzy is now on Cribs again? To promote the new show & Sharon's new body, I think. She scares me now, so tight in the face. But I only saw the very end of it & it was Sharon & Kelly saying Jack & Ozzy weren't speaking to them now. I totally have to see the rest of it.

They should totally do a Cribs of our house. Sydney & I would argue about which bedroom exactly is "where the magic happens". Maybe Nick & Lloyd would win, & they'd use that voiceover while showing the litter box.

I've seen so many movies lately & I can't tell you all of them. "Brother" was really good, believe it or not Takeshi Kitano was very quiet but killed a ton of people. I rented "Ghost World" last night, the extras include me getting to see what Daniel Clowes looks like. I never knew. Kind of delicate & maybe evil? A good X-Files villain?

I saw some things at the Music Box - "Kandahar" & "Bob La Flambeur". Both were so good. I especially loved Bob. Pam la flambeur. I am totally a highroller.

*perv* *next*

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