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2002-02-11 - 5:28 p.m.

The best way to get over an afternoon spent with that member of your fam that you just CAN NOT deal with:

Humongous bong hits, & lots of Hedwig.

Have you seen John Singleton's Baby Boy? Good lord. It was so long. I hate when the best part of a movie is some peripheral character that you hardly get any scenes of. In this movie for instance, I. Loved. MELVIN. Ving Rhames as Melvin was too fucking hot, & there was a lot of him all naked & perfect. Besides Melvin, I really can't recommend the movie to you at all.

It's paczki day! Syd's coming home with a box of them, which she specially ordered to have no prune ones, since neither of us would eat them last year.

Yesterday we took some Dilaudids & I wanted to stamp my name in the books on my shelves since I have lost so very very many over the past few years, but it seemed like a big task because I didn't feel that manic just a little manic, so I picked out my favorites on every shelf & stamped those. I have a lot of autographed books, which I never really thought about before. Then I put some stuff up on the walls & all that kind of druggie decorating. So fucking fun, I'd love some more right now, thanks.

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