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2002-01-28 - 10:44 a.m.

You know when your friend is newly in a couple & you are around them for the first time & they are totally wearing their dysfunction like t-shirts I mean legwarmers I mean thongs? And they have this obvious bad pattern of relating with each other & cutting each other during conv but all the time they're thinking they get along great & you totally know it can't last & they are going to hate each other after the whole ugly thing has played itself out? Man. That is how I felt seeing Tom Sizemore & Heidi Fleiss on Stern. It's all her answering every question with something bad about him, & him getting this completely shocked look on his face, & going through these facetwists that are clearly the facetwists of a man who used to be a violent psycho but since Bobby D forced him into rehab after "Heat" has realized he has to control his rage & try to talk things through but still can't help picturing the bad things he'd like to be doing with his hands to the person who just pissed him off. When they were still in the green room being asked if they love each other, it was her saying she wouldn't answer & him saying over & over "Tell them you love me. TELL THEM YOU LOVE ME." & her saying "It's none of their business. You know, why tell the world?" You know it's like, she says things in private that make him feel secure, then pulls the rug out from under him whenever they are out. Because she gets sick of loco Sizemore eyes & wonders what she's doing. Did you see any of it? Please tell me you saw it.

I had to introduce Dorothy Roberts at her reading. I did good & made everyone laugh. Her new book, "Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare" is completely awesome. It is really dense & there's a lot in there, but even if you can sit down & read one chapter I think you'd get so much out of it. You are probably like me & don't need at all to be convinced that this or that system is racist, but it is always interesting & important to know the degree & the specifics. I knew nothing about the child welfare system, & found it all really shocking & illuminating. I know you don't want to buy a hardcover book but you should read some of it at the bookstore. Oh, the other important part is that she liked my introduction & was super nice.

Has anyone read "Shopgirl"? What did you think? I liked some stuff, but god does he hate every woman besides Mirabelle?

If you rent "The Score" DVD, the movie gets kind of boring but you seriously need to check out the Brando/Bob improv on the special features. What exactly is Bob supposed to do when Brando is coming at him with that kind of crazy shit? I think I should incorporate Brandospeak into my regular conv. It'll be easy, like feeding my brother to the pigs.

Also, on the Rock God DVD, Jennifer Aniston says that after making the movie she's "had a taste of the wild side of life" & just wants to "go home to my man and my dog & be normal." Do I even have to begin picking apart that statement? You made a movie about 80s metal. That is so not wild. And your definition of normal? Ugh. I wish she'd bald.

I went out drinking at Cocktail the other night with my aunt & cousin. It was his last night in Chicago & I'm sad about that. I hadn't been to a gay bar in a while & I liked it except the dance music & the fact that I forgot to wear just my underpants.

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