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2002-01-16 - 10:07 a.m.

You need to get the Buffy DVD set immediately. It's incredible. You get to just sit & listen to Joss give his commentary on each episode. You get to learn, for instance, that the theme song was chosen because it tells so much about the show. The spooky organ then the rocking out informs you that Buffy refuses to be in a spooky organ type of horror movie where she would be the victim, & instead is going to subvert all that shit & be the hero & be totally rock & roll about it. & also you get to hear Joss saying Alyson brings such light & tenderness to the role of Willow that it's quite extraordinary. Do you think everyone on the set is just openly in love with her? I think probably.

I read this terrible Merrill Markoe book that won't be out til February, called "It's My Fucking Birthday." There were some funny lines of course but GOD it was so so so sad & pathetic about wanting a man. Now I'm reading an Andrea Dworkin memoir that I don't think is out yet either. What if maybe I pick up a book that I think I might actually like? That might be nice. Why do I have such disrespect for my own time? Duncely.

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