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2002-01-14 - 11:26 a.m.

Oh man, Dancing at the Blue Iguana ROCKED. There weren't murders, but there was some kind of plot with men doing something. I just fast forwarded past all that to scenes with the ladies, like when I watch VIP. Mostly just to Jen Tilly, Sandra Oh or Daryl Hannah. Jennifer Tilly was the shit. Her hair was so beautiful & long, & she was awesome & loud & she had this one scene in a doctor's office that was like the best scene ever ever ever. I watched it like five times in a row. If I ever need a movie scene to sum up my feelings like Mary Katherine Gallagher, that will for sure be it.

Yesterday I saw Lord of the Rings which was totally awesome. Cate Blanchett's character was exactly like Daryl Hannah's character in Blue Iguana - the childlike Angel who wears only white, pink & silver & even has a furry pink bong. And another thing about Cate Blanchett's character which Andrew denies noticing even though he was seeing it for the SECOND time, is that when she got all mean because of the ring & was yelling about how she'd be the fucking shit as a queen & everything, I swear she said "I'D BE TREACHEROUS AS THE D!!!!" She really did. Listen for it.

Last night on Sex & the City when they were in the gay bar, you could see my cousin Roy in the background talking to the bartender, then when Char's dancing you can see him right behind her in a manwich. It made me so proud. He always makes me so proud. I love that he got to be in the episode that was kind of a tribute to gay men, although they really could've done a better job with that theme. Miranda & the gay guy at her firm need to establish an awesome friendship & have each other's backs all the time at work. How could you not make friends with any dude at your law firm who wears mesh to work?

Andrew's suggestion that they just let Kirsten Dunst be Spidergirl is so right on. Such a better movie. I'm still looking forward to it, though.

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