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2002-01-12 - 7:09 p.m.

I totally missed Twin Peaks back when it was on, & have just recently started watching it. Sydney had the 2-hour pilot on tape, & she got the first season DVD for a gift. I think about it a LOT. I can't imagine how weird it must have seemed, so long before X-Files & everything. Dale Cooper is confusing to me. Dale Cooper - you're so nice - how could you have bought that cardboard baby for Charlotte?

There is a picture in the US magazine with Winona Ryder on the cover that shows Matthew McConaughey riding a skateboard home from getting a manicure. Um?

It is Saturday night, I'm just home from work, & I've rented a bunch of movies. Vertical Ray of the Sun, Lady from Shanghai, & Dancing at the Blue Iguana. You know I had to get the last one because of Jennifer Tilly. I'm afraid it might be strippers getting murdered which you know will infuriate me, but maybe I'll get to see her strip. Maybe she'll be the Last Girl, & kick some ass! She won't be the Last Girl & I know she won't. She'll be the cokehead or the been around the block girl.

Hopefully in my next entry I'll be eating my words. And crow. And Nick's nose. And melty chocolate bars covered in peanut butter. And Jennifer Tilly's pussy.

*perv* *next*

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