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2002-01-06 - 11:58 p.m.

It makes perfect sense that Ozzy would one day guest star on "Angel." And they'd do some kind of dark evil miracle together, with black lightning crackling from Ozzy's fingertips while Angel hollers in Latin. They are both Jedi Knights to me.

Scully looks so skinny. Every other character is openly in love with her.

Everyone was at the Hentchmen show last night. It was super fun & I drank way too much. I asked around, but no one would admit to having seen my weiner. ?

Syd & I have been watching our old tapes of Viva Variety. Kerri Kenney is super sexy & funny, with the most amazing dresses & hairdos. We just watched the one where they give Janeane Garafolo a makeover, & teach her to stop being sarcastic & make nice jokes. Funny.

All I listen to is The Dirtbombs CD.

Did you read about Charlize Theron smoking the apple bong? A bong made out of an apple? That is crazy bizness.

I have the awesomest, evilest robe.

*perv* *next*

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