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2001-12-18 - 11:44 a.m.

River of No Return - I was excited to see Marilyn & Mitchum together. It is always nice to watch either of them, so I'm glad I watched the movie, but he did try to rape her & then later say "I didn't mean that back there" & she fell in love with him. Um?

Bus Stop - This dude is yours! Oh my god, this terrible cowboy constantly screaming "Ya-HOOO!!!" & letting out huge whoops & jumping up & flipping over poles when he is the least bit happy. Another movie about a coercive man who Marilyn falls in love with. This one wouldn't even say her name right. But her costumes...& her hair & makeup...she looked so lovely. She had such a sexy coat, too. And there was a sexy redheaded waitress involved. I loved looking at her.

The Pledge - So good! Really beautiful & melancholy shots of...lots of things. Cars driving & coffeepots. And everyone was so good in it. I'll see anything Sean Penn directs.

Badlands - More prettiness. Can you please show me this & The Pledge in a theater? Please? I feel like I missed so much. Sheen is a marvel to behold. I wonder if that shock of front hair contains his strength. Or if you can read his mood in it.

Jimmy Fallon belongs in my petting zoo.

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