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2001-12-07 - 9:42 a.m.

2 things:

Did you tell me to watch The Tick? I think someone did & maybe it was Andrew & I never paid attention & then I watched the other night & it was amazing. Like nothing else. I could not believe the things that came out of Puddy's mouth.

And also, the other night I bought this squash & I love squash & dude I fucking annihilated that squash. I showed no mercy. It was so good. I melted like an entire stick of butter inside it's body. It's filthy squash body.

Ok, now that I'm writing more things than 2 come to mind. Did you know about the frig-N RAD scoreage I've experienced lately with season 5 Buffy trading cards? Among other things, a shiny pink card with Buffy & Spike that reads Big Bad Crush. Love it. That could be me & Nick. I'm going to maybe have some trading cards made up of me. Me eating, sleeping, watching TV, reading. Smoking down. Eating squash. Me at the movies. Me gaming with my girlfriends. Me drunk wearing a bad hat. WHOA A TRADING CARD OF ME LOOKING AT MY TRADING CARDS.

Last night at my work, this customer made me look at all the pictures in this book about a hedgehog who got it's head shit on.

*perv* *next*

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