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2001-12-04 - 10:57 a.m.

Scary Movie - It seemed good how the jokes never ever stopped. Even if they weren't totally my kind of jokes. I did laugh sometimes. I don't really get the whole thing with the gay guy, if it was a satire on something in other movies like everything else was, or was it it's own punchline.

Bullitt - I thought he'd wear different outfits than he did. I liked it a lot.

Breathless - Nice to look at & listen to. Men are gross. You know he would smell.

The Man Who Wasn't There - Really lovely.

Legend of Rita - I just finished watching it right now. I am still sniffly. Really interesting & good to look at & I wish I'd seen it at film festival on the big screen.

Mercy - This movie is like the millionth version of Cruising. Does everyone know about Cruising? That Al Pacino movie that gay people picketed in the 70s? It was this portrayal of a gay S/M scene that the cop Al had to investigate a killer in & the scene is portrayed as all seedy & e-vil, & Al gets caught up in it. It's offensive & also pretty hot. Anyway, it's the same thing, a movie that makes S/M seem sick but of course has scenes of it that are the whole reason for watching. Especially when the cop is Ellen Barkin & Peta Wilson the suspect. Hot! But pretty offensive. I just forwarded through any scenes with neither of them in it. Ellen is beautiful. Her face is weirdly smooth, like she's had lots of work. I guess everyone has in the movies, she just seemed to have a less screwy face than in "Sea of Love". I liked her screwy face. Still beautiful, though.

There is new diet Coke with lemon flav. They were passing it out on the street Sunday when I was on my way to the eye doc. I had some & it is like, ok for medicine? If you had to take medicine & it tasted like that you'd be like "Ok, I can handle this." But to just drink it for fun? That's weird. I told my eye doctor what a problem I have with novelty contact lenses that are white & she said she'd try to remember that.

Have you seen the preview for that new Hal Hartley movie about the monster? God. NO.

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