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2001-11-29 - 10:30 a.m.

The other day at her work, Nina met a pinhead & "I swear to god The Most Retarded Person In The World." I wish so much that I could remember the conversation between the 3 of them. It was goody good good.

The Corrections was depressing as hell.

Oh man, I had this dream that was so funny. It was all about my roommate. I dreamth that she got this amazing new suit that was like something Nikita would wear. It was cream-colored, with a teardrop shape taken out of the whole front of it. It looked really good, & she said she got it from her new store in Saginaw. That's what she kept saying, all in a fancy voice. And it's like this store changed her life, she's all saying how her new store does everything for her, & she had this gross red & blue necktie that needed to be washed & she's like "I'll just send it to my store, they'll dryclean it & send it back to me." Then all of a sudden she was telling me how angry she was that a bunch of men made her get in a car & go watch them play volleyball. They were all naked. This is the second dream I've had with that scenario, & I completely blame it on Will Ferrell for always being naked. They are always a bunch of guys who look like Ferrell or Kilborn, just big tall beastly white dudes who are superloud.

I'm totally ready to go back to dreams of constantly battling vampires.

*perv* *next*

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