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2001-11-28 - 9:10 a.m.

I had the Worst. Dream. Ever.

I was hanging out with Jack Black & Gwyneth Paltrow. I was SUPPOSED to be good friend with Jack, but they would not pay a bit of attention to me & just kept talking to each other. Ugh! I kept bringing up celebrities in conversation, like normal, but they'd just give each other a look like it was rude that I'd bring these people up snidely who were their FRIENDS, apparently. Then we were in the park & this girl fell down & scraped her teeth all down my leg. Eew? Those two didn't even notice, & I was like "Oh. My. GOD! You GUYS! Can I please tell you what just happened to me this instant that you didn't even notice???" They both ignerred. I just could not be listened to. I brought out some dope & he apparently didn't give a shit about that either, which you know is fake right there because who isn't excited about pot in the park. He was too into the fact that she had a bottle opened attached to her PEACH CORDUROY shorts. This was the best thing ever, I guess. Totally for show anyways. Like she couldn't have used her fucking horse teeth just as easily.

I really wanted both of their attention in the dream & was hurt by both of them, but I can't understand wanting her attention at all so I'm just changing it so it's how I can understand it. What happened is all true, though. Except I was sooo jealous of the shorts with bottle opener attached.

I am completely sick of Mickey Rourke getting no respect! Nicole Kidman wouldn't work with him in Jane Campion's new movie so he didn't get to be on it! God. Just because he walked off that one other set that wouldn't allow his chihuahua on it. I don't think he's like that anymore. He's probably a cat person now. He's probably turned perfect.

I would much rather be pushed around in a stroller than a wheelchair.

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