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2001-11-25 - 11:04 a.m.

Part of Thanksgiving was watching my cousin Roy on the Ricki Lake show. It was so awesome, & I was super proud. The best part of course was when he told the woman "I think when he says he's bi, he means 'by the way I'm gay!'" Awesome awesome awesome.

I asked this woman at work "So did you have fun with your family last night?" and she said "Yeah! I've still got the fish smells in my wig."

I had a great Thanksgiving with my mom & aunt. My aunt might start watching Buffy & Angel, & they both are now into Curb Your Enthusiasm. I likes the TV.

Sydney is going to walk through the front door any second, carrying a QP with chee & apple pie for me. I love stoned Sundays.

I asked my mom & aunt who should play Nick when they make a movie of his life. My aunt said "Bushbaby", her cat. My mom said "Danny Devito." No! Nicky is so handsome & big! Like a muscleman. A sneaky, pouting muscleman.


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