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2001-11-12 - 11:03 a.m.

I cannot believe the way Marc Walberg acts, in Temptation Island 2. How does he imagine himself? They have all this music & stuff that kind of implies that there is something supernatural going on, & it's like he thinks he's the only one keeping it at bay. But cross him, & he won't be so kind. God, I wish I could put up this clip for you to see of him ordering people to follow him. "Now, there's something else I want to show you. Ok? C'mon." The way he said c'mon was like how cops would talk. Like, I will murder you with my bare hands if you even consider having independent thoughts. GOD. Something needs to change on that island, I hope the sexy singles organize an anti-Walberg coup. Scary though, with all the dark forces he can apparently unleash.

I have watched every X-Files ever, including last season, & I just don't know what's going on. I liked seeing Lucy Lawless, & I'll watch all the ones with her, but I've completely lost it. Who knows what in the hell is happening. One thing I do know is I HATE BABIES. Hearing Scully's baby cry made my skin crawl. Apparently Mulder's as well.

At the store where I work, this guy came in looking for a calendar with cows on it. His neighbor has a cow fetish. He himself likes cows as well, but does not have a fetish. I wish I had neighbors who'd shop for my fetishes! Commissioning sculptures for me of perfectly pink cat noses. What else do I like so much that it could really be called a fetish? Who knows. Maybe I should go across the hall & knock on old dude's door & get some insight. Or upstairs, to the neighbor I hate because I think he won't speak to me even when I say hello but Sydney insists he is actually breathing hello back to me & I can't hear him. Mmm, he's gotta know what I like. Although if he took it wrong & thought I wanted him, he'd start shopping for my apparent new fetish of the-whole-side-is-the-armhole tank tops that say Red Dog or No Fear on them. Which I don't really need, with Syd's closet only a few steps away.

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