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2001-10-25 - 11:40 a.m.

God, I can't think of what to tell. What can I tell. Um. Um....I was trying to be a unicorn for Halloween, & they didn't have any suitable horns for me at the costume store. After I was wandering around for like 1/2 hour, I heard a dude asking in a tuff voice "Do you have any unicorn horns?" EWW! I'm not so unique after all. Uniquorn. That is my CB handle.

I saw Mulholland Drive & it was so good but everyone around me was trying to figure it out aloud. I'm thinking about how good it would be to have a movie theater only for people who go to the movies alone. The movie would be considered sold out once there was someone in every other seat, because you totally have the right to an empty seat on either side of you. "Wanna go with me to see Waking Life tonight?" "Nope, I'm going to see it over at the Misanthrope. But we could meet for drinks after!"

I'm temping, which officially means I'm calling up doctors & asking questions, but I actually spend my days collaborating with people I don't really know on writing cat porn. Yum!

Did you see that dude last night on that show about who knows the band? & he looked just like A.J. from Backstreet? He looked JUST like him? Complete with a slender hairmaze on his cheeks? He's yours.

*perv* *next*

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