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2001-09-25 - 11:04 a.m.

Ida-Red & I were sitting on the couch, watching Bruce Springsteen�s �Legends� on VH-1. We were totally baked, & discussing our love of Bruce. He said something like, �this isn�t the world I want to give to my little boy and my little girl.� I explained that when he mentions his little girl, he means me. He then said something about �when you hear my music,� or something & she said �By �you�, he means me.� I wish I could remember exactly what he said about �you� that was specifically to Ida-Red, it was actually really funny. And it�d be nice to come off like I sometimes listen to other people in conv. Anyway, next he said how he reunited with the E Street Band to record songs because he�d been away too long from his blood brothers. I said �That�s his pet name for my tits.� That is seriously the name from now on. It�s so gross to nickname your body parts anyway, if you�re going to do it you might as well be disgusting about it. Good theory?

My dream of night before last:

At the temp agency (which in real life is doing me NO GOOD), they are going through my file to see what jobs I did when I temped for them 3 years ago (which I really did do). I�m remembering these random jobs as this woman mentions them, then she says �You were personal assistant to James Marsters?� I realize that I was, I�d completely forgotten. I am then in a church basement, just showing up as his personal assistant. He is pretty much just like Spike, except with a lot of paperwork to be done. I do all of it, & try to be as charming as I can (hard!). Finally, we grow close enough that he confides in me � he really is a vampire. He�d originally sent for a temp because he was hungry, but I�m really cool & a good organizer of his papers, so he wants to turn me into a vamp. He is busy though, so can�t do it all at once & will get to it in time. I�m super excited, but also feel bad � I will be killing people & everything, to drink their blood. He�ll probably make me kill my friends & fam like so often those vamps seem to do, & that�s hard to think about while I still have my human conscience. Anyway, he gives me the ability to turn into a bat & tells me I have to chase this priest around & then bite his neck. I do this as James watches from the doorway (it�s daytime), but am taking too long to get near & bite the dude, & then the priest throws some fruit at me & yells �Your kind hates plum-cherries!� & I regain human form & fall down. I walk back toward glowering James, & am terrified that he�ll just eat me when I walk through the door. Not in a good way. The end.

Other people�s dreams are boring to read about, I know. Don�t care, though.

You know I am watching Love Cruise tonight. I kind of resisted, not wanting to get all into it, but Sydney kept saying �The commercial! Think of how funny the commercial is!� & it�s true. It looks as good as T Island.

Wesley's hairdo is pretty much a bouffant as far as I'm concerned.

What if Buffy comes back as a fat redhead????

*perv* *next*

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