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2001-09-10 - 11:39 a.m.

Hi, I happen to be back in the saddle again. I had my last day of work, then went to Jamaica on vacation. Yeah yeah & yeah.

I am so happy to be gone from my retardacious job. I made one friend there who I will miss seeing every day. He & I would sit in the middle of the office on lunch, right where everyone walks through, & discuss things like whose pee we'd drink out of everyone in the office, & how specifically pot would improve each person's life who worked there. The big, important stuff.

Jamaica was awesome & there was lots of rain. We'd open the doors & lie in the bed reading & looking at the rain. So fucking gorgeous. And I read a bunch of books including "Namedropper" by Emma Forrest, which I totally recommend - really funny. And I drank lots of Peanut Punch which I recommend. Sending to me, that is. I wonder if I can get it at the Caribbean grocery here. Look into that for me?

We (I went with 2 girlfriends) ate every day at this vegetarian & seafood restaurant across from where we stayed. One day it was raining so we sat in their tiny thatched-roof bar & ate, since tables were all outside. There was a radio on & the ads for clubs were incredible. This one place kept advertising an evening of "short shorts & foam!!" Over & over, the most exciting combo ever by the sound of dude's voice. I can't imagine. Foam? Like, there is just foam everywhere on the ground & you can just pick it up & I guess rub it on the asses that are being bared by the short shorts? That is so my next birthday party.

Ok & that reminds me of that song "Put your sweet lips....a little closer....to the phone...." which was on a TV commercial for 50s songs or something that was always running when I was a kid. Except I thought the song was "Put your sweet lips....a little closer....to The Foam...." & I just assumed The Foam was like The Fonz, this greaser who spoke of himself in 3rd person while telling you to kiss him. I thought The Foam was rather hot, actually, & was upset to find out years later that there is no such beast. Although I guess there could be? I mean, there are so many people in the world, right? Chances are someone in the 1950s was named The Foam & spoke of himself in 3rd person? I think probably yes most definitely.

One day in Jamaica Erin & I spent so long in the pool talking about Buffy, coming up with different possible Angel/Buffy crossovers, & discussing the way the characters' interactions are so formed by their histories, & how Giles must always want to taunt Spike with that time Dru made out with Giles but he doesn't. But I would, if I were Giles. But I am so very exactly NOT Giles at all. Anyway, here is something I thought of: Dawn has moved in with Willow & Tara (actually, that part is Erin's theory for next season), but Dawn is allergic to kitten, so Miss Kitty Fantastico must find a new home. We see Spike in his lair, all hunched over someone, talking low & dirty "You like that, don't you pet? Dirty little girl..." And it is so long of him like that until we see that he's talking to Miss Kitty & has her all arranged in a lace gown with pink ribbons & is slowly massaging behind her ears. And she is purring & he is purring back at her. And he is constantly being all dirty & lovey with her but mean with everyone else. And sometim HEY!!!!! CAN KITTENS BE TURNED INTO VAMPIRES???? Can you imagine? The face turning all foreheady how they do, if their litter needs to be changed or they need food? I am totally going to breed that.

The last morning in Jamaica we smoked down hard while waiting for the bus to come & take us to the airport. I planned my funeral. Not being morbid or anything, but just because I realized how much I love that Glenn Frey song "You belong to the city. You belong to the night. Living in a river of darkness, beneath the neon light. You were born in the city. Concrete under your feet. It's in your moves, it's in your blood, you're a man of the street." I figure I'll have that played at my funeral, or actually I'll have Glenn Frey there to sing it. It will be an all-star lineup of people singing songs to me, & for some reason I remember speculating that the pope would try to come? I can't remember, I know it made sense at the time, & anyway he gets his ass kicked by my true love, Langf. I can't remember how any of this really made sense but I think there was a lot more to it, & I distinctly remember that the whole scenario completely RULED.

Ok, I have so much more to tell but I have some major goals for the day like try & take a shower so I go now.

*perv* *next*

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