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2001-08-10 - 12:23 p.m.

Every year I go to Jamaica with my girlfriends. The main best part of preparing for the trip is the buying of the books. Last night I was wandering around Virgin making mental notes of what I'd like to read this year. I have a week of pretty much just reading all day every day. I usually bring about 5 books - Sydney & Erin will bring about the same, so that is plenty. I think 2 years ago I brought that Bust anthology, & that made me seriously happy to read, super baked & lying in the sun. One of my favorites ever was NASA/Trek by Constance Penley, this crazy book about gender politics & NASA & Star Trek. I think I only picked it up because the cover was so cool, & it turned out to be totally fascinating to me. Richard E. Grant's memoir was really good - anything with lots of celeb gossip is great. I read a terrible Deniro biography a few years ago, & that was fun. Ok, along with NASA/Trek, maybe my best all-time Jamaica read was Shock Value, the John Waters book. If you haven't read it, you need to. Every single page had something I wanted badly to read aloud to the other ladies. It was hysterical. This year, I'm thinking of Michael Chabon's last book, although what about when I'm lying on my back & want to hold it over my face? It'd be so fucking heavy. The 3rd installment of the current Buffy/Angel crossover trilogy books will be out, so you know I'll be ALL OVER that. I've had Sarah by JT Leroy due at my house for about a month, through half.com. I wish I could unread Margaret Cho's book, & all David Sedaris's books, & maybe White Teeth, & read all of them for the first time on vacation.

My idea for Hermione Granger is that she should be a Watcher. I bet Giles was a lot like her. Actually, no - Giles was a BAD punk rocker who fucked around with dark magic. I forgot for a second about Ripper. Anyway, I think Hermione has what it takes; although from what we've seen of the Watcher's Council, & of Watcher Wesley, Giles seems to a man among mice as far as that group goes.

I will never forget when I first met Erin & we were arguing about whether Michael J. Fox is hot. She acted like I was ridiculous for not seeing it & said "Ooooh yeah, he is a man among boys." It pretty much ruined that expression & any similarly formulated expression for the rest of my life. My brain will never allow me to forget it. Ugh. He is a weiner among freiners.

Who would you do - Beetlejuice or Hank? WWBJD? WWHD?

*perv* *next*

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