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2001-07-17 - 12:21 p.m.

Answers to guestbook stuff:

When I said Garry Marshall tames ladies' hair, the only other movie I was really thinking of was "Pretty Woman", how Julia's hair is big in the beginning but I think it ends up all smoothed. I could be wrong, but I hope I never see it again to find out.

And I have no desire to stop watching Sex & the City. I find Kim Cattrall & Cynthia Nixon incredibly sexy, I love seeing the clothes, & it often makes me laugh really hard. There are huge things wrong with it, but since I really don't relate to ANY women on TV, I try to just take what I can from different women characters. These women get drunk, they are constantly sitting around eating & talking, & as much as they are all about men, they spend a lot of time being disgusted by men. This is funny to me. Samantha's face when a man does something gross? Nothing is better than that. Except, of course, Xena's fist when a man does something gross. Which is why I watch both. And I love that, with the exception of the most recent episode, it doesn't break my heart.

Having said all that, I do still reserve the right to write angrily every week about how much I hate Charlotte, & how angry it makes me that Miranda is punished every week.

The other night was a first for me. I don't think I'd ever before spewed food or drink because I couldn't hold in my laughter. I found myself taking a huge mouthful of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, just as I looked up & saw Glick making The Face that I love so much. I hadn't seen it since the first viewing, & it was all big & mythic in my head. Everything then went into slow motion, & it was like I was watching from afar, as someone else sprayed milk all over the living room. After it was over, I turned to Sydney & she was looking at me with a fear/disgust combo, wiping her arm off. She said "Are you okay?" in a way that sounded kind of like I might start flinging my shit around next if she didn't get an affirmative answer.

The worst part is, I can picture it now & I start shaking with laughter. I was picturing it on the bus yesterday, & shaking. When I got home, I put The Face on & paused it, & stared at it in the hopes that I'd build up some sort of immunity. Did not happen. It was during his Janeane Garofalo interview & it made her laugh really hard too, but in a super cute way & not at all like a provoked monkey.

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