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2001-07-16 - 12:26 p.m.

Who else saw "Legally Blonde" twice opening weekend? Anyone? I don't think it's like seeing the same movie twice if you watch it once sober & once stoned. Am I right or am I right. I loved her 2 sorority friends. They should have a show.

The theater both times was almost all groups of women, of all ages, with a few scattered gay men. Awesome. The second time, there was this pair of women in front of me who were maybe in their late 70s? One of them clapped whenever anything bad happened to or was said about the main sucky dude of the movie. So, that was great to see. I'd love it if they'd reeked of pot. It really would be like seeing my future.

Sex & The City is making me so mad. What is next for Miranda? She gets shot full of arrows & beheaded? And if so, it would SUCK even more than for Xena, since she has no girlfriend who is even half the friend Gabrielle is. Her friends suck. I'm surprised Carrie didn't send Aidan to the funeral in her place.

Oh, here are the 3 previews I saw this weekend both times I saw the movie:

1. Some princess movie with Anne Hathaway that looks absolutely deplorable. Garry Marshall is an asshole womanhater who must be stopped. He particularly hates women's hair to be at all kinky or curly, doesn't he? Tame the hair, tame the girlie. Fucker.

2. Oh my lord. This thing with Willis & Billy Bob that involves Willis wear a scraggly ponytail, & Billy Bob wearing gigantic, oversized teeth that are like gravestones...oh wait, those aren't fake. They are bank robber brothers or something, & they get close to some family they hold hostage! The big laugh at the end of the trailer is a joke about a little girl having to pee & BB telling her no more juiceboxes. Believe it or not, Billy Bob plays this role a little "dim."

3. Angelina & Antonio rolling around, having sex & doing sex & making sex. Closeups of her lips. More of all that, & they just can't stop & apparently it's such good sex, & then someone gets angry & the sex gets faster? I don't know.

Sydney & I discussed which we'd see if we had to see one. We agreed that the first one looks unforgivably vile & backwards, & that we'd have to go with the one starring Billy Bob, his teeth, Bruce Willis, & his ponytail. That is really, really sad, yeah?

Ok - Sydney read this entry & asked me to please mention the fact that at the end of the Angelia/Antonio preview, it replayed from the beginning. Doing it, doing it, doing it, more doing it, & just when you think they have done all of it that there is to do, they started back up again. It was a lot to take.

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