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2001-07-10 - 9:39 a.m.

Do yourself a favor & do not miss E! True Hollywood Story about Welcome Back Kotter. It was astonishing. Just the way Gabe Kablan Kotter looks now is amazing. His headshape. His "jokes." Masterful. And most of all, you do not want to miss Horseshack talking about "The Kotter Curse." Or is it Kurse? Horseshack is a TRIP. The pictures of him that they showed made Sydney & myself SCREAM. In one he was violently tan & his eyes were soul-sucking vortexes. No thank you. He is really into talking about his nosejob, & claims that his nose used to hook underneath his teeth when he smiled. ? And the best part of all is that right after Horseshack's eyes are doing their number on you & sucking you into his paranoia, they switch over to Boom Boom, who is so completely & obviously THROUGH with 'Shack -- he's looking straight into the camera intoning "There is no such thing as The Kotter Kurse. You are a grown man, MOVE ON." A special, personal message from The Boom to 'Shack, that we the viewers of E! True Hollywood Story are lucky enough to listen in on! There was also this whole disturbing part with Kaplan Kotter going on about "doing" the old Groucho Marx, how he'd do him at any age but he really "loved" him at around 83 or 84. That to me is really something. Welcome back welcome back welcome back.

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