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2001-07-02 - 12:44 p.m.

A.I. - It was good to look at, but it was no Sexy Beast!!!!!

Sexy Beast ruled. A.I. tended to drool a bit.

Last night I saw Joan Jett at the House of Blues. She was gleaming with sweat, super shiny & asking for the lights to come up higher - "Mr. Lightman, don't be afraid to make me sweat more." She was wearing black lace-up leather pants that were maybe the lowest cut ever, & a red half-tank top that was maybe latex? Maybe rubber. I already can't trust my memory, a little over 12 hours later. Simp. Her head was shaved, & her smile was wicked & I think if it was turned just on you, you'd have to hide in the corner. Ok, that's just me. She covered "Androgynous", a shout-out to Ida-Red I assume, who spoke of it so recently in her diary. Also "Wild Child" & "I Wanna Be Your Dog", and she did pretty much everything on her anthology album. When the curtains opened, she had her back to us & was shaking her ass, until she spun around & launched into "Bad Reputation." She rocked SO FUCKING HARD, while singing songs about sexual freedom & empowerment. She is my #1 girlfriend in the world right now in a most painful way, & my total hero. At the end she said "We're the Blackhearts, & we'll see you soon!" I guess this means they're touring again soon? Man, I am so there. I intend to save my money & buy every single ticket, so I can have the place to myself. That wouldn't scare her, right? That's what we call romance. Nothing crazy about it.

So, she made me want to change my look. I don't think I'll be shaving the head or cutting off half of my tank tops anytime soon, but I really like the idea of cutting off the majority of the tops of all my pants. That'd look cool & sexy. OH! - That reminds me!

Ok, I keep forgetting to announce this. I think Syd is the only one who knows & she's been a good friend about it, not telling the world like she's dying to. Here's the big news:

I'm totally going to start wearing top hats?

Now that I'm announcing it, I can't remember why it's so exciting. Or exciting at all. I decided when I was super stoned a while ago. I think I just have to trust in the violence of my enthusiasm that day, that it's a brilliant idea.

Have you read that that new soul singer Nikka Costa always shows her ass cleavage? What if it totally caught on as a look, & your mom was into it. I'm crossing my fingers.

*perv* *next*

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