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2001-06-29 - 3:40 p.m.

Last night Syd & I saw Sexy Beast. We were at Borders, & he was there too, but he was too tired to go with us to the movies.

Coincidentally, the movie we saw was "Sexy Beast." It was SO GOOD. Loved it. In love with it. Ben Kingycakes was amazing. But really, to single out anyone as being amazing is ridiculous - everyone was riveting.

While Paula Poundstone should've been arrested long ago for stealing the career of someone funny, I felt completely sick yesterday when I read about what happened to her. Her life is pretty much ruined, and people are literally going to want to kill her. Either she didn't do anything & is being persecuted for being a gay parent (I don't think she's out at all; but since straight people in Hollywood - like straight people everywhere - tend to flaunt that shit like it's Jack Black's musical chops or something, any woman not walking around with a man on her arm, rock on her finger, or at least one publicly acknowledged ex-boyfriend seems to be queer enough for persecution), or she has something going on with this girl. I cannot presume to know a thing about it, but plenty of people are going to. I think this case will have people talking about sexual issues that they normally don't, & making assumptions about gay people, gay parents, single parents, & intergenerational relationships, that need to be challenged. And NAMBLA will maybe become a more popular punchline than it already is (FYI - it's not funny to make fun of sexual minorities, with the possible exception of the Crocodile Hunter). One thing I hope for myself is that I don't ever shy away from defending people who need it & who don't have many others on their side, especially around issues of sexual freedom.

I hope this case is dropped & the kids are fine & she can continue to get work. I mean, I hope she doesn't get work. Because, she's not funny, at all. I guess I hope that in the course of the investigation she mysteriously becomes funny, & then continues to work. That would be the happiest ending of all.

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