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2001-06-26 - 4:02 p.m.

On Sunday, Sydney & I were sitting on the couch watching the Ozzy DVD Erin gave me a while ago. Dudes. I know that it is stating the obvious to say that Ozzy rules, but seriously. Ozzy Osbourne RULEZ. The DVD is "Don't Blame Me" & it took me on a little journey inside his tender heart. I was totally crying during "Goodbye to Romance." Love it love it love it. I could've done without his kids being shown as LITTLE kids. It's disturbing to see Jack, totally do-able at 15, as a 2-yr old. Yuck to that.

After a while of watching Ozzy, Syd & I decided to take some Percocet. It was a gift we got a few weeks ago, & it was GOOD. I had more fun maniacally cutting up magazines & making collages, than I have had doing anything in quite a while. Seriously, you should have seen me with the scissors. The scissors are my chakram! When I collage, I take no prisoners!

Collage as a verb. Eew. I mean, YEAH!! Bring on the scissors & gluestick! You will not know what hit you.

I meant for my point to be more about Percocet than collage - I guess just that it's totally great & I'd gladly accept gifts of it & reward you like 5 minutes later with a shiny new collage?

*perv* *next*

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