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2001-06-18 - 4:20 p.m.

My weekend.

Friday I Syd & I ate at Hi Ricky where I should've toasted Jim Healy for introducing me to the monsoon, which I now always drink at Hi Ricky. So good. It has ginger ale &.......stuff. I don't know. Yum! Then we saw "The Circle." So great. It was in the little theater at the Music Box, & there was this man & woman in front of us who may have been a couple. Couple of tards! Actually, the woman might really have been retarded. We discussed it for much of the walk to the bus, whether or not she was. Sydney thinks she was just very eccentric. She had a large, flat pillow that she sat on, & they traded clothes during the movie. She'd say things out loud as they occurred to her, like big plot points, & the second the credits started she demanded of him DIDJOO LIKE IT? IT WAS CONFUSING!!!

It really wasn't. Am I mean to write about all that? I know I'm mean, but is it mean & not funny & therefore not really worth writing? I dunno.

Moving along. Saturday I went to Chris's birthday dinner party & had so much fun. The food was AMAZING & everyone liked the cake I made. We sat in the backyard drinking for hours, & discussing weiners & dunes. Which apparently are words that can be used interchangeably? I never knew. Wiener weiner wiener weiner. I think other really funny stuff happened that I'm not fortunate enough to remember. I do remember having something sticking out of my mouth, probably not food, & asking Andrew "Do I look cool?" & him saying in a voice so weary of my tricks that you'd think we'd spent the month traveling The West together on horseback with me shutting up only once a day to eat & drink, "Yeah. Go out like that."

The guy riding West on horseback who really didn't shut up & then got eaten was in "Dead Man." Which I watched yesterday, with Sydney. We did a lot of fun stuff yesterday. We wanted to go to the movies, but there was nothing on so we took some mushrooms. We played Boggle, then the Powerpuff Game until it got too hard. Then we watched Dead Man, then Sex & the City, then The Cable Guy. It was a damn fun day. I thought about so much stuff that I'll never remember. Nick got a LOT of attention. He fashioned himself a throne from a brown paper bag, & I really think I'd like to do the same. I don't know if I could manage the copious 'tude necessary to pull it off though. The big realizations of my trip were:

1. Less vision, more beans (inspired by Dead Man).

2. I can't really remember....

*perv* *next*

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