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2001-06-15 - 12:35 p.m.

Last night I watched E! True Hollywood Story, about Miami Vice. Dude....I. Love. Vice. Ok? I love it. The special was really great, but it could've been a lot better. Like...you know the 2 guys who aren't Crockett & Tubbs? I used to know their names. Big & Little? Well, Big has really got a mouth on him & they didn't need to give him so much air time. God. I'm sure Little had stuff to say too. They even showed a bit of Big putting an enormous Bush/Cheney sign up in his yard. Who cares? God. His hair is all silver now. Little is really little & wears a black skullcap. I don't know if he's okay. He mostly just listened to Big. It's sad to see him not looking hot anymore. He used to be hot. Now it's like he married Big & Big has sucked the life out of him, like those old couples where only one person talks & the other just stares. Fun!

They interviewed Pam Grier some, & she talked about how Philip Michael Thomas was really hot & when they told her the alligator, Elvis, is still alive she laughed really hard. She was charming & seemed to be pretty diplomatic.

Actually, people should've been less diplomatic, & it would've been better. For me. I mean, it's not like you could watch it & have any illusions that Don Johnson isn't an enormous asshole, like a Burt Reynolds-size asshole (mmmm...), but I feel like there were really ridiculous, specific examples of his asshole-ness that I was not hearing. I know they exist. I wanna hear it all!

My boyfriend Castillo was good. Edward James Olmos got creative control of his character written in to his contract. He & DJ had a big disagreement the first day filming together, about whether Castillo's office door would be closed. EJO said it'd be closed, & Crockett has to knock. DJ stormed off the set, & was then told about EJO's contract. He came back & banged on the door, walked in, & slammed it shut. EJO said he did the scene & refused to look at him, & his character didn't look at DJ's character for 8 episodes.

I love it! You totally notice it, watching. Castillo never looks at Crockett, unless it's to give a look like he's maybe gonna kill him in about 3 seconds. I wonder how my co-workers would react to this tactic? Looking at no one ever, except as a warning of possible violence. I will let you know.

Ok, here is the disgusting part. The 2 woman who were on the show, Saundra & Olivia, had some training & research for their roles. While the men were busy studying with real-life detectives, the women were made to go out onto the street & learn how to be prostitutes. No? That is so disgusting as to leave me nearly speechless. I wish that they had named names about who exactly made them do it. It is always good to name names. The producers? I can't imagine who dreamed it up. Fuckers.

It would've been cool if they'd talked to more of the guest stars who could tell crazy stories about DJ's retardation, & the feuds on the set. Except not Phil Collins please, thanks.

It mostly seemed like thinking about making Vice made everyone feel really worn out, & like DJ was just too big a creep to even begin to describe. Sad. It gives me the Smugglers Blues.

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