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2001-06-08 - 8:51 a.m.

After Andrew saw "Almost Famous" at the sneak preview thingie, way before I saw it in general release, he made some comment about how he forgot old Elton John songs are really good. I was like "Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!!" & proceeded to change his email nickname to Tiny Dancer & pretty much thought it was the most absurd thing I'd ever heard. I prepared to spend the rest of our lives reminding him of it. Then I saw the movie & got all melty about tiny dancer in my hand. I love that movie so much, & I love Billy Crudup in it, & even beastly Jason Lee is perfect for his part, & last night I saw the part again where they all sing to me on the bus, & I'm having to convince myself that I need to go out to the bar tonight & see the Waco Brothers because that's really my favorite thing in the world to do, & not rent "Almost Famous" & watch it 12 times in a row while rocking back & forth & whispering little promises to Fuckhead, Billy's character in "Jesus' Son". (I combine those movies in my head, for my own pleasure. Don't worry about it.)

MTV Movie Awards were really good, I think. Maybe if I wasn't stoned, they would've been boring? Luckily, there's no reason a'tall for me to ever find out.

Tom Cruise was like "I am going to make 10,000 jokes about Shrek because I don't know what else to say." God. He is exactly like me in social situations!

*perv* *next*

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