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2001-06-04 - 12:38 p.m.

Sydney & I had our Ewan-a-go-go fest Saturday. We watched "Trainspotting" & "The Pillow Book." Something happened in "The Pillow Book" that was so disturbing & gruesome, I denied it to myself long after it was clear what was happening. I now have a whole new fear of something terrible someone might do to me. Thanks, Peter Greenaway. Thanks.

Nina can talk about Sick Boy all day long but she can't change the fact that Mark Renton is the #1 hottest hottie in "Trainspotting".

I also watched a ton of "The Young Ones" this weekend. Mike's character is so underdeveloped, & I wonder if it made him sad. Maybe he's like me, super lazy, & so it makes him happy. Fewer lines to learn.

I dreamt Friday night that Sydney & other girlfriends of mine had hired a male stripper for my birthday, or something. I was hiding in a pool & could see them creeping all around trying to find me. I knew I'd stay in the pool for the rest of my life if I had to, rather than face whatever terror they'd hired. God I hate them.

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