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2001-05-29 - 2:49 p.m.

The theme of our trip to Memphis was meat & pills. Meat & pills - it should be a theme restaurant. Sydney suggested a Graceland where you sit around taking the same combination of pills Elvis took. Nice! I suggested you'd get to shoot TVs after that.

Ok, from the beginning. The trip down took 10 hours. We got high & listened to CDs, so it really wasn't a torturous 10 hours at all. We got to the Heartbreak Hotel, & hadn't eaten in WAY TOO LONG. We went to a restaurant on Beale St. because that is where the free shuttle took us. We were served the most incredible pan of meat. GOD. It's all I can think about now, is that meat. Four lbs. of steak. We almost finished it off, but not quite. Erin pointed out that we now know how Angel feels, with his bloodlust. Steaklust. 3 days later, I think about that steak approximately ever 2 minutes, I think? After that we walked around & looked at everyone partying. It was scary. We went to our room & watched one of many, many Elvis movies that we'd watch over the course of our stay. I think we watched 6. Girl Trouble, Kissin Cousins, Double Trouble, Harem Scarum, Viva Las Vegas...I dunno what else. One of them taught us to do The Clam. After a while of watching one after the others, the movies seemed like one big propaganda film for heterosexuality. I guess a lot of 1950s entertainment is that way. These unnatural formulas repeated again & again until you're like "Ok...I guess so. I give in."

Sunday we devoured free hotel breakfast, watched more Elvis movies, & went to Sun Studios. That was great. We were all Vicadin happy, & so it was especially great. We then drove to Civil Rights Museum & there was a woman who's been living outside the Lorraine Hotel for like 11 years, protesting the museum. She thinks the $ should be used to help the poor, instead of a museum & is calling for a boycott....we skipped the museum. Went to the Arcade & drank a bunch of beers. I love getting drunk in the afternoon. I can't remember the connection between that place & "Mystery Train" - the outside of it was maybe in the movie? Something. Anyway, I loved it. We drank & read the decks of trivia cards that were everywhere until they closed at 3pm, then headed to the Southern Food Festival. Dude. I ate pork butt on a stick. It was SO FRIG-N GOOD DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had the best corn on the cob ever, turnip greens, & homemade ice cream. God. I'm hungry.

After that...I guess we went back to the room & took more Vicadin & watched Elvis movies. And played gin rummy. Until like 2am.

Yesterday we got up, checked out, & went to Graceland. I don't really know what to say. Wow? Carpet isn't just for floors? Nina pointed out that it would be hell trying to recover from a hangover in Graceland. Everywhere you look, it's mirrors & busy prints. Including the ceiling. His cars were amazing, as was his airplane. I LOVED his Vegas outfits. As well as the '68 comeback outfit, & the gold suit.

I almost bought Shrek ice cream on our trip back, until I saw that mint goo was one of the ingredients.

Man, I love Vicadin & beef! Good times.

Did you read about Steven Tyler singing the Star Spangled Banner or whatever that one big America theme song is that they sing at some sports stuff, & how he sang it all wrong & people got mad? Funny.

*perv* *next*

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