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2001-05-17 - 1:15 p.m.

God, I have all this stuff I wanna write & hardly any lunch hour.

I'm having a really good birthday. Sydney gave me all these awesome presents this morning, 4(!) books plus a bendable figure of a girl holding a gun plus Leprachaun 3 on video plus DIVINE PAPER DOLLS!!!! Dude.

I got to work & everyone was making waffles for me & they gave me one with a candle on it & sang Happy Birth & this was nice, because most people get taken to lunch but they made me breakfast instead because it is well known that I lunch alone with nobody else & you know when I lunch alone I prefer to be by myself.

Last night I went & saw a screening of 2 eps of "Fishing with John", the Dafoe one & the Tom Waits one. Afterward, John Lurie answered questions. Dude. It was the BEST. He totally dished. He was so honest about everything, how Wim Wenders screwed him over, how he loves Abel Ferrara - "from AFAR", how he loves Vince Gallo even though he's "impossible" (I actually raised my hand & asked if it was difficult being friends with Gallo), how he's closing his record label & office because he hates the business side of it all, how he's afraid to write anything he cares about right now because he can't stand dealing with business people & trying to put it out, how he's writing a book called "What Do You Know About Music? You're Not a Lawyer", how drunk Walken was when he filmed his scene with him in "New Rose Hotel", how he & Tom Waits parted ways because Tom was so angry with him about their fishing trip in Jamaica for the show, how he feels like he doesn't really have one cohesive career at all, how he has to get up super early to do "Oz", how he loved Joey Ramone, how he loves Benigni but hates the shit he does on Letterman & Leno, how Benigni asked him to write an acceptance speech for the Oscars & Lurie treated it like homework & didn't do it til the last minute & couldn't get it to him, how he wanted badly to do a follow-up to Fishing with John called Robbing with John & have his friends Gallo & Flea & Iggy Pop go with him into people's houses like Martha Stewart & Barbra Streisand & steal stuff & film it & then he'd just leave the country but it fell through because the whole crew would be accomplices.

I really want to tell the whole of all the above stories, but I don't have time!

Happy Birthday to me! I RULE YOU DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*perv* *next*

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