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2001-05-16 - 12:22 p.m.

I took yesterday off work & Erin came over & we sat around drinking summery vodka drinks & smoking down. We watched "Mystery Train", which I'd not watched in quite a while. I never before realized the moral of the movie: Hot Guys Suck. Jun, the dude of the Japanese couple in the first story, is so super hot. His shoes. His lighter tricks. His sulk? His sulk is hot for about five minutes, then you realize he really, really, really, MEANS IT. God! She is so cute & fun & he is just a sulky contrarian. He ruins everything good. God, he pissed me off. Good warning, Jim Jarmusch. Hot shoes & perfect coif cannot make up for an ornery personality. Although, lighter tricks....lighter tricks are a personal fave of mine & & can make up for maybe a little bit of orneriness...ornerarity...orn. If I were to ever again consider dating a dude, he'd be wise to know some lighter tricks.

The other dude in the movie who was a warning was Joe Strummer. All hot, with his hotness, his Joe Strummer hair & his Joe strummer hotness (I'm a masterfully descriptive writer). Um, he was trouble. He was embarassing, loud, angry, drunk, ass-of-himself-making trouble. I know his type too well & if he had a mullet you wouldn't think twice. It's, again, his awesome hair & the right outfit that suck you in, & you think he's fun until he's lying in the middle of the pool table having interrupted the game of dudes much bigger than himself. Hopefully by the time the gun has come out for a second viewing, you are out of there. Trouble. You are much better off ditching Joe "Trouble" Strummer &/or Jun the Most Morose, & driving or walking around Memphis by yourself, listening to Tom Waits as the radio DJ, going on about whatever he wants.

Sunday over breakfast I described to Andrew my eyebrow plans for the immediate future. I'm shaving them off & getting huge orange & purple swirled eyebrows tattooed on my forehead. That will rock. He acted like it was ridiculous, & proposed instead a tattooed unibrow. Man -I'd not even thought of that. It's good to talk to your friends before taking huge cosmetic steps like that - they can often come up with something even rockin'-er!

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