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2001-05-08 - 4:03 p.m.

Welly, welly....what do I have to tell? Yesterday I bought a bed, & a ticket to go see Television play, & some Buffy comics. The man who sold me the bed told me how he lives with his sister, his buddy, & some other people & they don't have assigned rooms, just sleep wherever. He comes home & is like FUCK! THEY GOT THE FUTON. Um...please if I could never live like that. Please. The employees of the bed store were collectively dogsitting. Gross? Dogs don't belong in stores. They belong in...storms. Heh. Yeah.

I'm reading "The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon." I think I'm not supposed to capitalize every word in the title, right? Like, I wouldn't capitalize "the"? What about "with"? Anyway, I am loving the book soooo much. So good. I love Mister Shed. You should read it, so we can say who we love, & which celebs we'd cast in the movie.

A funny part is this retarded guy is named Damn Dave, & he has this dog who's always with him, & so you always refer to Damn Dave & his Damn Dog coming along & doing whatever. I would for sure cast my friend Dave!

My boss gives me a kitty calendar every Xmas. It is the one that has the kitty in the heart-shaped sunglasses. You know that picture. so, this month's has a really tiny kitten spread out on a stack of books sleeping, wearing a graduation cap. It's upsetting to me, because it doesn't look so much asleep as it looks dead. When I told Syd she said "Perv." When I told Nina she got all choked up & said "Oh my GOD! And it just graduated!"

*perv* *next*

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