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2001-05-03 - 1:06 p.m.

On Freaks & Geeks the other day, Kim Kelly was wearing a shirt (under her open jacket) that said Hot Stuff. Sydney thought it said Hot Slut & was like "WOW! Did you ever notice that before?" & we were talking about how rad that is. Then we realized what it really said, & were kind of disappointed. I, of course, can't read either, & had thought it said Hot Vixen. Not even close. So then we were talking about wanting a Hot Slut t-shirt, & how it'd be really funny to make your own & not have it be sexy at all. Just buy like a pack of men's white undershirts, & write it on there with a stencil. Puff paint would probably be the best. And then you'd start to get a TON of action, all the time. I wouldn't, but you would.

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