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2001-04-23 - 1:13 p.m.

I have so little time to write about some really important things.

Yesterday I was hungover & stoned or maybe it was Saturday. I was hungover & stoned both days & on one of the days I saw something terrible. Let's pretend it was yester, for the sake of getting it on. I mean getting on with it. GOOD ONE!!! Ha HA!!

What I saw was E! Celebrity Homes with Gary Busey. You know it was gross. He was like "Blah Blah Fa Fa Fa Fa...and that is just one of the beautiful things about being in the business of humanitarianism....about being in the business of spirituality..." What? What, Gary Busey? What?

He also inserted this phrase into a sentence "after my death, I really started..." Like, he refers to his motorcycle accident as his death. Because he had a near death experience or whatev.

Also, he was one of those celebs who it's embarassing how he obviously thinks the interviewer from E! is interested in him, & not just doing her jobs. He showed off this absolute crime of a photo, that was him in drag next to Tommy Lee Jones. He referred to TLJ as his soulbrother or brother in something. Some sick shit. And then the E! voiceover was like "After showing off some candid photos of Tommy Lee Jones..." I AM SURE!!! What a tard! Tommy Lee Jones is going to lasso your simple ass for that shit. Busey must be so bitter that he wasn't in "Space Cowboys." Maybe he thinks he was.

So then he shows a pic of himself & his son Jake, & .... you know what Jake looks like, right? If not, look him up right now. You'll be like "ooooohhh... THAT thing." So the E! woman says "He's not a bad looking guy, huh?" Um, that's exactly what he is. He is so much horribler than his dad. He is a giant albino tooth. He is pure evil. He is something Buffy should battle. He is the devyool.

Then they were out on his balcony, & he pointed at some lifeguards in a boat waaay out from where they were & he stated "those guys know about my past." I'm sure he had no idea who was out there. Crazyman.

I think there's a lot more but I can't remember. Who would you do - Busey or Nugent?

*perv* *next*

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