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2001-04-17 - 12:31 p.m.

3 movies:

"Memento" - Interesting & good. I think. I don't remember anything of it, to be honest. It hurt my head. I remember Joey Pants saying "C'MON! It's beer o'clock & I'm buyin'."

"Spirit of '76" - Also hurt my head. Sofia Coppola did the costumes. Um. They were some costumes. I don't know what to tell you about this movie. I couldn't watch the whole thing. Moon Zappa was in it, Redd Kross dudes were in it, Mark Mothersbaugh.

"Amores Perros" - Really, really good. Wow. Some parts were so amazing. Grisly dogfight stuff. As long as it isn't cats.

Sydney & Erin are super jealous of my raygun. As I recall, if I shoot people with it, I can make them spin. That seems like no big, but think of how much it'd suck if I shot you in public. You just start spinning super fast? Like in Jewel, or crossing the street, or sitting at work? Embarassing.

When I first moved to Chicago, I thought Jewel was such a fancy, glamorous name for a grocery store. I still think so. That is why I shop there.

You were wondering a minute ago how I feel about new episodes of Buffy & Angel being on tonight. Well, I'll tell you. I feel like my life is about to officially begin again. Everything in the past month has been a murky dream, & tonight I'm embarking on a six week journey, more like a RIDE, that I have no control over. Who knows what will happen to me? Tonight I have to face the fact that Joyce is dead. And I have to deal with monsters Glory & Ben. Ugly jerks. And I have to try to make life normal again. Rag on Xander's hair, let my heart swell with love for Tara & Willow, study Spike's hotness like a science.

Last night Erin, Syd & I watched "Hush" from last season. Man, it was incredible. The monsters are still really terrifying. Did you read that Joss was inspired by Mr. Burns from the Simps to make those monsters? Good inspiration for terror. It was Tara's first episode & I fell in love with her all over again. Willow went to a Wicca group that didn't want to do any spells - like those political groups that don't wanna do any activism. Ugh. Tara was shy & luminous. She & Willow ended up trapped in a room being chased by The Gentlemen, & they touch hands & a vending machine flies across the room. It was super hot. It's exactly what would happen if Jack Black & I touched hands, I think. We'd pull the vending machine over by us, though, & take off the door.


I've gotten a ton of emails from people sending obits & articles about Joey Ramone. The Ramones were maybe the most important punk rock band to me when I was a kid. There's all this stuff that I've been thinking about the past few days. The time I saw them play, the first time I saw "Rock 'n' Roll High School", buying the "Pet Sematary" cassingle with a coupon for Camelot music from my orthodontist, Joey going on that daytime talk show with his mom for Mother's Day. Sniffing glue. Cretin hopping. Swallowing my pride. La la la. I'm going to go read the stuff about Joey on Salon.com.

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