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2001-04-11 - 12:45 p.m.

Fox Mulder is stomping on my last goddamned nerve. Yes, you get a certain amount of indulgence for having just come back from the dead. But Scully, is PREGNANT. And she's come back from the dead before - have you ever been pregnant? I didn't think so. When he was being all stern to her about "You HAVE to tell me if you know something that could help us move forward." She just rushed over to your apartment to do just that, you big bully. Knock it off with the orders! I would NOT have told him if I were her. I would have said "You can say one goddamned NICE THING TO ME, & rub my back for like an hour, and then I will think about clueing you in." God. Maybe they just decided to model Mulder's 'tude on Duchovny's 'tude. I cannot believe he practically DID IT with that Lone Gunman, & he can't even act like he can tolerate Scully's presence? She should hand his scabby face back over to the aliens. She doesn't even make fun of him for those sores on his face from being dead! Maybe she & Skinner do, privately. If they even get any private time, with Skinner & Doggett seemingly DOING IT every five minutes.

I went to Reckless for the new Nick Cave album. They had it. On import. For 28.99. So, I guess technically they didn't lie when I called & they said they had it. Ugh.

I get a half day off of work for "Good" Friday, which I've decided should instead be called Sexy Friday. I don't really know what's good about this Friday, but a half day off sure is sexy! Or it could be called Sweaty Friday. But that doesn't sound like much to look forward to. Fuckin' A Friday. Happy Fuckin' A Friday, lardnuts!!!

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