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2001-04-10 - 12:25 p.m.

After work, I'll be racing to Reckless Records to get the new Nick Cave album! Ha ha ha. Me racing. That is so funny. Put your money on whoever else there is.

"Blow" was an okay movie, there were faults, but Johnny Depp's performance was so great. The performance of his HAIR on the other hand, was a crime. I know you are all over Ebay checking out wigs for sale from the movie. Ugh. His hair was terrible like Nick Nolte's hair was terrible in "Afterglow," all gnarled & crisp. Except I guess Johnny Depp knew it was bad, & Nolte I don't think believes there is any problem with his hair. Nolte's hair in that movie is scary like if you had an angry, grinning skeleton riding at you on a winged motorcycle. That is how it makes me feel inside, that fear.

I'm really interested in little dresses for my cat Nick. He is a spoiled, bad little man & I really want to spank him while he's wearing dresses. I believe that that will learn 'im.

You've seen Jennifer Love Hewitt on talk shows, right? And worse, read print interviews? Ok, we all try to avoid her, but you have some indication of her retardation, right? Ok - is she seriously attractive to Alec Baldwin? I mean, could he not find someone with the same impossible tit-to-waist ratio who can at least make jokes & convey different emotions? I know Andrew is laughing really hard & wondering why I am deliberately missing the point. As much as I understand that many, many men prefer women to be decorations & nothing more, real life examples of it will always astonish me.

I have Bob Seger in my head. I mean, his songs.

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