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2001-04-03 - 12:43 p.m.

I'm using my lunch hour to write in my diary, instead of try to figure my taxes. I only have time for one or the other, not both. I used up a few valuable minutes outside tripping in front of a huge group of high schoolers. I didn't even trip & fall down, I tripped & then had to do a fast bent over run to keep my soup upright. If you can't picture it, take my word for it - IT WAS COOL.

I spent way too much time this weekend watching MTV. There are 2 reasons for this & the first one is called 50 Greatest Hair Metal Bands. Hair metal bands countdown RULED. It was hosted by Dee Snider in a FEAR THE MULLET t-shirt. I need to be told this? He is a terrible, wrong thing that will not go away. So therefore, he gets a show. The thing that I find the most agonizing is when they show current interviews with 80s metal dudes. Christ, the hair they come up with to have now. It's all about compromise: I'm STILL a metal dude, but it'd be ridiculous to have the same big teased hair. So therefore I'm going to have some soft layers around my face. God. They are all about the soft layers.

I was watching with Sydney & our big hope was that Spinal Tap would be #1. Wouldn't that be cool? How could we forget though, that CC DeVille is somehow in league with the devil & has the power to make himself appear CONSTANTLY on MTV/VH1. It all started when I saw him on The List & couldn't figure out who he was. I thought he was some old battered Brit until they put his name onscreen. From there he went on to ruin Rock n Roll Jeopardy & some other of their ridiculous shows. He is everywhere. This entire countdown could so easily have been his brainchild.

Ew - brainchild is a GROSS word.

The other reason for my weekend MTV addiction - SXSW weekend. Dude. They showed so many videos they NEVER show. It was on MTV2 actually, which used to be The Box. They interviewed tons of bands at SXSW like Idlewild & New Pornographers & Murder City Devils & Brassy & Jim White & I can't remember who else. They'd then play one of their videos if they had one, followed by 2 or 3 videos of artists who the band said influenced them. Hank Williams Sr., Pavement, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, old Talking Heads, Travis, Meat Puppets, um...I can't remember what else. Nice to know they have all that shit sitting around going unplayed. Losahs.

I watched "Girlfight", "Croupier", & "The Women." I loved "Girlfight." Michelle Rodriguez is SO HOT. Sydney sent me this thing from IMDB saying that while they were making "The Women", when Norma Shearer was doing her scenes Joan Crawford would distract her by knitting furiously just off camera. That is so what YOU do in a fight.

*perv* *next*

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