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2001-03-26 - 01:28 p.m.

There's too much to tell. Stuff I've done. I'd rather write about stuff I've thought of. Anyway. I saw Nick Cave twice. Sally Timms opened. She is so incredible. I want to say that her voice is both crisp & melty, but it can't really be both I guess. She was beautiful.

Nick Cave was right in front of us, both nights. His songs were slow & agonizingly sad & gorgeous, except for the few that were thundering & dangerous. All completely stunning. You have to see his show to believe it. The first night he introduced Stagger Lee & said it's a song about a man who's "badder than the fucking sound guy." Poor sound guy. Second night someone yelled "Nick, when're you coming back?" & he said "When'm I coming back? I'M RIGHT FUCKING HERE! Exercise some patience." His new song "God Is In The House" was even political, which is weird. But I liked it. In his recent interview he said he knows no one thinks he cares about stuff like that, what goes on in the world. He also asked how exactly people go about reading the newspaper, if they read the whole thing or not.

There's a lot more to say about him, but you should just do anything within your power to see him play live.

Saturday night I saw Kelly Hogan play at the California Clipper. She is someone like Sally, who I could see so very many times & never have enough.

The Oscars were too long, even though I taped them & pretty much forwarded through the entire thing. Steve Martin was funny, & Bjork's dress was lovely. Did you read that she had an egg fall out of it on the red carpet? Love it. But those awards were nothing compared to the Independent Spirit Awards, hosted by John Waters. They were on IFC Saturday. He was SO FUNNY. He talked about lot about being edgy, & wondered who'd be the first to do penetration onscreen, since it's the only taboo left - "Chloe? Geoffrey Rush? Jennifer Tilly, do you wanna go down in cinema history?" All their faces were so good as he said their names. Also, he said they should give out bongs, "maybe then Harrison Ford would come." What's that about? Yuck. I don't wanna get high with Harrison Ford. Okay? Please? Don't ever bring him to my apartment to party. His cragginess would hypnotize me in a really bad way.

Jennifer Tilly is so perfect. Her hair was red & her skirt was tight camouflage. I love her so.

If I won an Oscar, no matter WHAT for, I would make my path to the stage wind past Benicio, & they would have to call the fire department to dislodge my tongue from his ear. And that is that.

*perv* *next*

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