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2001-03-14 - 17:09:06

I swear to god last night while USA was airing "Out of Sight", whenever any character said motherfucker they dubbed them saying monkeyfeathers. They did. They had that coming out of Don Cheadle's mouth, & I can't remember who else. Monkeyfeathers. If I were an actor, I'd sue anyone who made me appear on TV saying that word. It's disgusting. If I couldn't sue them, I'd just beat them down. SOMEONE initially thought of it, & proposed it as an alternative to motherfucker. Someone who is out there right now, living in this world. It could be anyone on the bus or the train. Although I guess probably not here in Chicago. Whatever.

My new word is lardnuts! It came to me in a sweeeeet dream. Everyone acts like they don't like to be called it. "Act" being the key word here. I can see through these lame acts. Simple-ass monkeyfeathers.

*perv* *next*

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